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Here’s my most recent cosplay (FanExpo2014!) Based off of the Marvel cinematic universe version of Nebula, as portrayed by Karen Gillan.

Cosplayer: Rebecculous
Photographer: Stoo of ICONaPIX Photographry

If you like my stuff, thanks! Feel free to check out my deviantart and Facebook Page. <3

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Here’s my entry for the RamonaStyle contest that radiomaru is running!

Unfortunately I don’t have a scanner here in Japan so camera shots will have to be enough. I included some detail shots and a look at the colour schemes that I was caught between for interest. ^^ I don’t think I’ll win, but it’s fun to try. Also, I really loved drawing a new outfit for Ramona (and got through all three seasons of Community doing so).

Good luck guys! Let’s draw Rammy some cute outfits!!

(Source: yeahyeahno)

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